Small Parts Storage Systems
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Vertical Storage Solutions
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Vertical Storage Solutions

Increase storage capacity & floor space by 80%
Costs thousands less than the competition

For companies looking to improve storage capacity and retrieval of inventory, better organize tools or supplies, the AutoCrib vertical lift module (VLM) is your most cost-effective automated storage solution.

  • 12'-6" to 40 ft tall
  • Stores various size parts – Trays can be fitted with dividers, partitions, or containers for almost any requirement
  • Designed for a wide range of manufacturing, distribution, retail and warehouse applications
  • Control inventory, secure valuable parts, reduce cost and floor space

vertical lift module control systemThe reliable control system for the vertical lift module (VLM) allows the operator to retrieve parts by tray, part number or description; minimizing picking errors.

AutoCrib’s automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) enables companies with more modest budgets to enjoy the benefits of vertical storage but pay thousands of dollars less!